The first historical signs of the Mirafiori area go back to 1632, when it was mentioned in documents by the Duke of Savoy. Here the Mrafiori Castle was built but later destroyed.


Over the centuries, the area has gained historical importance thanks to the presence of monuments such as the Bela Rosin Mausoleum and known as a route for the Royal family (House of Savoy) to the nearby Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi (UNESCO World Heritage site).


After the first airfield "Gino Lisa" became operational, the area known as Città Giardino (from which our B&B gets the name) started to be edified. The urban development around Via Plava was built in early 1900s with several ”art decò” style semi-detached houses.


Towards the end of 1930s, the first part of the Fiat factory was built and led to today’s urban development.